Letting Go of Our Addiction to Control ft. Jeannie Gaffigan

When wife, mom, + producer Jeannie Gaffigan learned she had a pear-shaped brain tumor…it was inconvenient, to say the least. She had to learn how to give up a white-knuckled grip on control, find humor in heartache, and stop being the “executive producer” of her family. I loved her story about an atheist neurologist’s response to her faith life and how she feels God was with her through this insane medical journey. As a long-time fan of Jeannie’s wife Jim, I knew she’d be hilarious, even when talking about a brain tumor…and somehow, she was. Enjoy!

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Topics discussed:

  • The medical journey that radically changed her life

  • Letting go of control when circumstances force us to

  • Getting spiritual pep-talks from non spiritual people

  • What this experience taught her about God

  • What’s been bringing Jeannie closer to God lately

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