In Vitro Fertilization + Pro-Life OBGYN Work ft. Monique Ruberu

Sometimes I think one of the most difficult parts of being a Christian is that our culture so strongly feels that certain things are “the answer” that we believe are harmful. Be it divorce, pornography, contraception…so many things in our society that are presented as a great good can actually be so damaging to the human soul. If we truly care about people, we view it as our duty to share that information to help them grow closer to the Creator and live a life that is truly joyful + fulfilling. But thats…awkward. And terrifying.

Today’s guest, Dr. Monique Ruberu, is a pro-life OBGYN. Talk about someone who often has to have difficult conversations! Dr. Ruberu is here today to tell us her story of becoming an anti-contraceptive doctor, what made her change her mind, and why she believes so many medical schools ignore NaProTechnology. We’re also chatting about In Vitro Fertilization and Snowflake Adoption—what they are, what the Church thinks about them, and how to wrap our minds around these hard medical decisions.

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Topics discussed:

  • When Dr. Ruberu became anti-contraceptives

  • What it was like to transition to pro-life work

  • Where her passion for In Vitro Fertilization comes from

  • What snowflake adoption is and what the Church’s stance is

  • What’s been bringing Monique closer to God lately

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