The Intersection of #MeToo, Feminism, and Justice ft. Kathy Stilling

Justice is a complicated thing. It seems so black and white—bad guys vs. good guys, right? If only the world was so easy to divide in that way.

Today’s guest, Kathy Stilling, is a defense attorney (that attends my parish IRL!) Kathy is well-known for recently defending a Big 10 football player accused of sexual assault. Today on the show, we’re talking about what happens when justice, truth, and #BelieveAllWomen collide—and explode. Kathy walks us through how she joined the Catholic church, how her faith powers her through her difficult career, and some reforms she’d like to see the criminal justice system make. This episode is powerful, complex, and may help you see people accused of crimes in a different light. (Also, for MAKING A MURDERER fans…Kathy is Jerry Buting’s wife!)

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Topics discussed:

  • When Kathy converted to the Catholic Church

  • Why she became a criminal defense attorney

  • How she relies on God to get her through hard times in her career

  • The reforms she thinks our criminal justice system needs

  • What #BelieveAllWomen should REALLY mean

  • How her son’s recent ordination has been bringing her closer to God

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