Serving the Poor and Consecrated Single Life ft. Sam Vosters


In my old neighborhood, there was a big fancy house with lion statutes. And man, I judged those lion statues. Who needs lion statues? I would think as we drove by. That person—that’s the person with Too Much. Never mind the fact that my family is in the top 1% of wealth owners worldwide (so are you, by the way, if your family makes over $33,000/year. Surprise.)

We aren’t rich…but we have iPhones. And our kids take swimming lessons. And I’ve never had to worry about having food for dinner. So, ARE we rich? What IS rich? Is rich bad? Cue the panic attack.

Today’s guest is Sam Vosters from the Riverwest Food Pantry. We talk about our mutual love for Dorothy Day, her vocation as a consecrated single person, and what she wishes more people knew about the poor. We also dive into the topic of how much is “too much”, whether it’s what you make or what you give. Living in that tension is super uncomfortable but riffing on it with Sam gave me such peace. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I enjoyed having it! 

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Topics discussed:

  • How Sam wound up at the Riverwest Food Pantry
  • Where she got her heart for the poor
  • What she wishes more people understood about the poor
  • How to know if you're giving "enough"
  • Her vocation as a consecrated single person

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