Don't Be Afraid of the Word "Feminist" ft. Sam Povlock


On today’s podcast we’re chatting with the one and only Sam Povlock of FemCatholic! We talked about why she started her popular blog, why she identifies as a feminist, and why so many Catholics don’t resonate with that particular word. She makes the awesome point that all of the “hot button” issues in the Catholic Church (abortion, male priesthood, etc.) are all woman-centric and it can either drive women to or away from the Church. We also talked about how tough it is to be a working mom and how we can’t believe in 2017 we’re still arguing about whether or not women “should” work. Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

  • Why Sam started her blog, FemCatholic
  • Why some Catholic women have an issue with the word "feminist" 
  • The "hot button" issues of the Church and why they all have to do with women
  • How Theology of the Body, sex, and birth control all tie into feminism
  • The need for Catholic feminists to stand up and take pride
  • Sam's devotion to Edith Stein

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Growing Closer to God Through Grief ft. Ashleigh Murtha


Have you ever had to confront God about a seemingly insurmountable tragedy? Today’s podcast guest, graduate student Ashleigh Murtha, is speaking with us about how her faith was shaken after the death of her father. Grief is a powerful, individualized process, but Ashleigh speaks beautifully about how she grew closer to God after going through something so difficult. 

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Topics discussed:

  • Ashleigh's passion for disability rights
  • Ashleigh's father's struggle with cancer and passing
  • How difficult it was to not understand what God's plan was
  • How her grief led her to go on a retreat that brought her closer to the Lord
  • The importance of the Eucharist in her life
  • Ashleigh's advice for anyone going through an intense grief process

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Are You a Liberal or Conservative Catholic? ft. Ashley McKinless


Today on the podcast we’re chatting with Ashley McKinless, an editor at America Magazine and the host of the podcast Jesuitical. Ashley and I chat all about how she got started at America and what she thinks about the “great divide” in Catholics right now. Let’s be real—when people say “Jesuits”, a lot of Catholics have opinions that are simply untrue. It was fun clearing it all up with Ashley and learning why Jesuits are a treasured part of our Catholic faith! As an added bonus, I also threw my interview on Jesuitical onto the podcast feed for easy listening.  (PS—Happy All Saints Day! All Saints in Heaven, pray for us!)

Today's episode was sponsored by Kindara, a fertility awareness app that helps women learn more about their bodies and avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally. 

Topics discussed:

  • How Ashley grew closer to the Lord in college
  • How she wound up at America Magazine
  • What the Jesuits are and how they were founded
  • Why she started the podcast Jesuitical
  • Why she doesn't believe in the labels "liberal" or "conservative" Catholic
  • How America Magazine handles nasty Internet comments

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Race, Politics, and Being an Ally ft. Nnenda Chinda

Today on the podcast we’re speaking with Nnenda Chinda, a recent college grad living in the UK! Nnenda and I connected over Instagram and I knew I had to have her on the show. We talk all about the recent NFL anthem boycotts—her opinion might surprise you—as well as why she doesn’t think talking about “race” is getting political. I loved what she had to say about the differences between being Catholic in Nigeria vs. being Catholic in England, and she offered some great insight over how white women can be allies to our black Catholic sisters. We also talk about how we’re both so over the Catholic “teams”. Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

  • Why being Catholic was easier in Nigeria than the UK
  • How the Catholic response to race issues has frustrated Nnenda
  • Whether or not talking about race is talking about politics
  • What she thinks of the NFL protests
  • How over the Catholic "teams" we are
  • How a Bible app is bringing Nnenda closer to God

Therapy, Waiting, and Sharing Yourself Online ft. Christina Dehan Jaloway


Sometimes when I’m sharing online, I stop and wonder how much is too much. There have been times when I’m scrolling through a newsfeed and I think “dang, girl, that does not need to be blasted on the Internet!” But at the same time, do we have a responsibility to keep it real and show that life isn’t all sunshine and roses?! I love what today’s podcast guest has to say about the “line” when it comes to sharing ourselves online. Christina Jaloway is a blogger, writer, wife, and mama, and I absolutely loved having her on the show. We also talk about therapy, mental health, and how to embrace seasons of waiting. 

Topics discussed:

  • Why Christina began her blog
  • The benefits of getting married later in life 
  • Why she decided to take the leap and start going to therapy
  • Whether or not you have to see a Catholic therapist
  • When “waiting is the cross” 
  • How Christina knows what to share online vs. what to keep to herself


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The Importance of Art and Beauty ft. Elizabeth Lev

We’re chatting with Dr. Elizabeth Lev on the podcast today! An art historian and all-around lover of all things art, Dr. Lev has a fascinating perspective on why art and beauty are so important to the Catholic Church. She talks about why the Sistine Chapel has feminist undertones, her favorite pieces of religious art, and how art can be used to evangelize, uplift, and inspire. Enjoy! 

Topics discussed:

  • Why Dr. Lev loves art
  • Why the Vatican doesn't just sell its art and give the money to the poor
  • The difference between poverty and spiritual poverty
  • The importance of beauty for our souls
  • Her "must-sees" for Catholic art fans
  • Why the Sistine Chapel is full of girl power
  • Dr. Lev's issues with modern art

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Conversions and Comparison ft. Sr. Miriam James Heidland


Today on the podcast I’m so excited to be chatting with Sr. Miriam James Heidland! Sr. Miriam is a sister with the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, a speaker, a podcaster, and an all-around Catholic rockstar. We talk about everything from why she loves Twitter to having breakdowns in the grocery store to feeling like you’re representing the Catholic church to vocational discernment. You don’t want to miss this one! 


Topics discussed:

  • How Sr. Miriam became a member of SOLT
  • Why she decides to utilize Twitter
  • What she thinks the biggest problems young women of the faith are facing today
  • How suffering has been bringing her closer to Jesus

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Living Your Faith Within Greek Life ft. Candice Mohapp


Today on the podcast, I’m speaking with Candace Mohapp! Candace was a student I had the honor of working with at Mizzou, and she’s a true example of living your faith within a sorority. Candice was not only the president of Alpha Chi Omega, but she led a Bible study within her sorority and was able to bring her sisters closer to Christ. Candice and I have a great conversation about the importance of evangelization among your friends, the benefits of Greek life for college women, and why she decided to become a missionary after college. Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

  • Why Candice decided to go Greek
  • The hard parts of sorority life
  • The beautiful parts of sorority life
  • Why she wanted to evangelize within her sorority
  • The importance of evangelizing those closest to us
  • Why Candice decided to become a FOCUS missionary

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Race and the Catholic Church ft. Gloria Purvis



When I watched the coverage of Charlottesville this summer, part of me couldn’t believe it…but part of me totally could. I know that as a white chick living in the burbs, I don’t really confront racism in my everyday life, so I knew I had to have Gloria Purvis on to talk about her experience being a black woman in the Catholic Church. Gloria offers amazing insight on what Catholics can do to love their WOC sisters a little more, and I absolutely loved chatting with her. In the past couple of months, I’ve read two books—The Song and the Silence and The New Jim Crow—that have educated me quite a bit on the history of race in America and its impact on the world today. Talking to someone as educated and passionate as Gloria was just the cherry on top of the sundae. If you feel outraged about the racism plaguing in our country but, um, have no idea what to do because most of your life is lived surrounded by other white people…tune in.

Topics discussed:

  • The difference between Catholic feminism and secular feminism
  • What went through Gloria's head when she saw the events in Charlottesville
  • What "white privilege" actually means 
  • How we as white women can love our WOC in the Church a little more
  • Challenges that Gloria specifically faces within the Church 

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Rejecting Throwaway Culture and Loving the Earth ft. Haley Stewart


OK, honesty hour--I am not that green. I'm trying! But today's guest, Haley Stewart, is pretty much the authority on all things Catholic/green living. Haley is a writer, podcast, blogger, wife, and mom living outside of Waco. On her blog, she talks about rejecting a throwaway culture and embracing a love for Mother Nature. It was a blast to talk with her about green living and I hope you enjoy our conversation!

Topics discussed:

  • Why Haley loves Waco
  • The importance of caring about the Earth, and not just when it affects you 
  • Why Catholics in particular should embrace green living
  • Her new book, Deep Roots
  • Why she started her podcast
  • What murder mystery show she's been loving lately
  • How the Angelus prayer is bringing her closer to God 

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Singleness and Wrestling with God's Timing ft. Marissa Mullins


This week on the podcast, we're chatting with my dear friend Marissa all about being single when you know you're called to marriage. When God makes us wait on our vocation, it can be incredibly trying, but Marissa speaks with grace and holiness as she talks about how to thrive in the season of singleness, how to gain a greater respect for the Lord's timing, and how married women can love their single sisters a little better. 

Topics discussed:

  • Marissa's career as a nurse
  • How Marissa is wrestling with singleness and not being in her vocation
  • The importance of trying to thrive in the season you're in
  • What married people should/shouldn't say to single friends
  • Why so many Catholics are called to the medical field (hint: prayer makes you smarter!)
  • How her nephews have been bringing her closer to God lately

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What If You Don't "Get Anything" Out of Mass? ft. Kassie Manning


I’m so excited to bring you today’s episode! When I saw Kassie's beautiful Mass journals, Every Sacred Sunday, I fell in love with their gorgeous design and simple-yet-powerful meaning. Today, I have Kassie on to talk about why she and her business partner launched Every Sacred Sunday, her career as a scientist, and what to do if you feel like you aren’t “getting anything” out of Mass. Kassie drops some serious wisdom and it was an honor to chat with her. 

Topics discussed:

  • How Kassie's love of nature lead her to a career as a molecular biologist
  • Why she decided to start Every Sacred Sunday
  • Why their company decided to go the Kickstarter route
  • How Kassie handles not feeling like she "gets anything" out of Mass
  • How her personality type has taught her to lean into her strengths 
  • What Kassie's experience with Every Sacred Sunday has taught her about God
  • How silence has been bringing her closer to God

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Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and Engaging in Popular Culture ft. Erica Johnson

Today on the podcast I’m chatting with Erica Johnson, a writer, photographer, and professional Fangirl. After reading a blogpost on why Catholics shouldn’t read Harry Potter, I wanted to have a lighthearted episode on why Catholics should engage with pop culture and what things like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and particularly Wonder Woman can teach us about Jesus and feminism. Erica also talked about sexism within the “nerd” industry and how to be who you truly are in a world that tries to push us into boxes. 

Topics discussed:

  • When Erica first fell in love with nerd culture
  • "Sassy Mary" and different personality types within the Church
  • Christian themes in Harry Potter and Star Wars
  • Why Catholics should engage in popular culture
  • Resonating with Wonder Woman on a spiritual level
  • Sexism within nerd culture
  • What Erica's reading now
  • How Natural Family Planning is bringing Erica closer to God

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Living and Thriving on the Sexuality Spectrum ft. Anna Carter

Today on the podcast I’m chatting with Anna Carter, the co-founder of The Eden Invitation. Anna is a daughter of God who experiences bisexuality while living and thriving in the Catholic Church. Anna talks about discovering she wasn’t only attracted to men, how straight feminists can love their not-so-straight sisters more, and how her life has been shaped by Jesus Christ. (PS: we swear a bit, so this episode may not be suited for little ears!)

This was a super hard interview for me to do, and I explain why in the intro. I stressed out about it for, like, weeks, which is ridiculously stupid because Anna is amazing and beautiful and brilliant. But I just want everyone to know how much I love them and that if this is a hard topic for you, I see you I see you I see you. Promise. 

Topics discussed:

Find The Eden Invitation: 


How Beauty Saves and Alcoholism Destructs ft. Erica Tighe

Today on the podcast, I’m honored to be chatting with Erica Tighe. Erica is the founder of Be A Heart Design, which has worked with clients like Blessed Is She and Leah Darrow. Erica has an amazing story about being inspired to start her company, learning how to discern God’s will in our lives, and overcoming an alcohol addiction. We also talk quite a bit about beauty, and why it even matters in the world. When refugees are struggling to escape their countries and people are struggling with mental illness and our earth is slowly being destroyed, why does pretty calligraphy matter? Erica has such a great response to that question, and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!

Topics discussed:

  • What feminism means to Erica
  • Why Erica founded Be a Heart
  • Why beauty and calligraphy matter so much in our broken world
  • How to discern "God's will" 
  • How Satan uses addiction to tear us from God

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Theology of the Body and the Pain of Miscarriage ft. Carrie Archual

Today on the podcast we’re speaking with Carrie Archual of the Theology of the Body Institute! Carrie is speaking with us about TOB and what it says about men vs. women. We also talk about her two miscarriages and how we as Catholics should respond to this tragedy. Lastly, we discuss PPD and the effect its had on her life and her family. These are some taboo topics that I was honored to speak with Carrie about. I mean, think about it—if we believe abortion is a child dying…we should believe the same about miscarriage. We should properly mourn miscarried babies and support our friends going through this tragedy, but instead, we usually just feel uncomfortable talking about it. I was so grateful that Carrie was vulnerable and honest, and it was a pleasure to speak with her.

Topics discussed:

  • How Carrie was introduced to TOB
  • What TOB says about women
  • Why TOB is so needed in the world today
  • How Carrie's two miscarriages have deeply impacted her
  • What it's like to be a working mom
  • How Carrie has been affected by postpartum depression

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Embracing Freedom in Your Finances ft. Amanda Teixeira

Jesus tells us not to worry about money, right? And the rich man is supposed to give everything he has to the poor. But how do we balance these true, beautiful Bible stories with a real need to, um…pay off student loans, save up for a house, donate money, buy sustainable clothing, put food on the table, etc.?

Today’s podcast guest, Amanda Teixeira has the answer. Amanda talks all about why Catholics should care about their bank accounts, why it isn’t unbiblical to care about money, and how you can take small steps today that will pay off in your financial future. This episode is perfect for anyone struggling to pay off debt, wondering when they’ll ever get the chance to give as much as they’d like to, or wishing they could reconcile a prudent desire to save with a concern that they’re over-obsessed with finances. I can’t wait for you to tune in!

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Topics discussed:

  • Why Catholics should be concerned about their bank accounts
  • Whether money is "good" or "bad"
  • How Amanda and her husband fought off debt and embraced financial freedom
  • Common money mistakes among both single and married women
  • How Amanda's life and motherhood was blessed through fundraising
  • The importance of receiving love and help 
  • Amanda's new e-course, Wallet Win
  • How to start small on the path towards responsible finances

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Life With Mother Teresa and Doing Small Things With Great Love ft. Mother Mary Catherine

You all KNOW how much I love St. Teresa of Calcutta. Today, I’m honored to share a conversation with a sister who worked with Mama T for years. Mother Mary Catherine, the founder of the Missionaries of the Word, was a Missionary of Charity before an illness sent her home. Her firsthand stories of Mother Teresa’s kindness, humor, and generosity will make your day. We also talk about the idea of going “all in” with Jesus and Mother Mary Catherine shares her best tips for vocational discernment. This episode is perfect for anyone considering the religious life or struggling with letting God have her whole heart. Enjoy!

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Topics discussed:

  • Why Mother Mary Catherine felt drawn to the religious life 
  • The struggles of giving up our own dreams and saying yes to God
  • What it was like to work with Mother Teresa 
  • How Mother Teresa did "small things with great love"
  • Why Mother Mary Catherine left the MCs and began the Missionaries of the Word
  • Tips for vocational discernment

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Lightening the Load and Clinging to Prayer ft. Elise Crawford

"She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks. She sees that her trading is profitable, and her lamp does not go out at night.”

 If anyone’s ever told you that women who work aren’t biblical, feel free to point them towards Proverbs 31! Today, we’re talking to Elise Crawford, the founder and CEO of Ringlet, a DC-based marketing company that helps female entrepreneurs market their services and brand their businesses. Elise shares all about how prayer helped kickstart her business, how she continues to make God the center of her company and life, and the power of women who work. It was an honor to speak with Elise and I think her episode holds value for all women, whether you’re a SAHM, worker bee, or somewhere in between! Because we all WORK, whether it’s in a boardroom or emptying the dishwasher or studying for a final, and you? You’re doing amazing.

Topics discussed:

  • Why Elise decided to start a business focused on helping women succeed
  • The power of prayer in her life when she faced crossroads decisions
  • The difference between male and female entrepreneurs
  • The dignity of women working
  • Avoiding the comparison "trap" and how to use comparison to push yourself towards your goals 

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Faith, Feminism and the Vocation of Marriage ft. Ana Glaze

Is marriage a feminist vocation? Today’s guest certainly thinks so! We’re talking to Ana Glaze, one half of That Catholic Couple on YouTube. She and her husband share daily vlogs for their fans (hey doughnut squad!) about life as a fun, faithful Catholic couple. Ana beautifully shares why she and her husband started vlogging, how to keep marriage a vocation instead of an idol, how she balances being a strong wife with that awkward Bible verse about listening to your husband, how her own fractured relationship with her father has affected her marriage, and the importance of weekly family meetings. Ana is hilarious, smart, and super fun to talk to, so I’m honored to share our conversation today!

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5 Tips On Being a Faithful, Feminist Wife

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Topics discussed:

  • The time Ana and I shared a hotel room for three days and barely spoke, ha!
  • How Ana met her husband
  • The importance of being honest about the difficulties within the vocation of marriage 
  • What best practices they put to work in their marriage to grow closer to one another and to Jesus
  • How to handle balancing male leadership with being a strong wife 
  • How her own broken relationship with her father has affected her marriage 
  • St Joseph's impact on her marriage 

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