MINISODE: The Crisis on the Border ft. Mitzi Hellmer

There's a ton of news floating around about the crisis at the border, and it isn't always easy to decipher what's really going on. That's why I wanted to have a quick chat with Mitzi Hellmer, a Catholic immigration lawyer. Mitzi breaks down what's going on at the US/Mexico border and helps us understand terms like asylum vs. migrant, why people are coming to the US at rapid rates, and what we should do about it as Catholics. Don't forget to head here and tune into our full-length episode with USCCB Policy Director for Migration Services Ashley Feasley as well.

Topics discussed:

  • Why Mitzi is so passionate about immigration
  • The new policy vs. the old policy
  • The difference between asylum-seekers and immigrants
  • Why so many immigrants are attempting to cross the border
  • What we can do to help have an effect on how immigration policies are enforced