How to Live Liturgically ft. Lisa Kirk


One of my favorite parts of being Catholic? The endless supply of feast days + holidays. Too bad I usually only realize it the day after it occurred! Today's podcast guest is a writer, wife, mama, and liturgical living lover. Lisa Kirk walks me through her four pillars of liturgical living, how she stays organized with feast days, and how a crazed Advent season gave her a passion for slowing down and embracing the Church calendar. I love Lisa's wisdom about the saints and you'll also find her story of leaving her "dream job" to pursue a more intentional work-at-home-mom career interesting. If you've ever wanted to live a more seasonally liturgical life, no matter your current vocation or life stage, this episode is perfect for you. 

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Topics discussed:

  • How Lisa came back to the faith after living abroad
  • Why she left her "dream job" to open a business
  • How skipping Advent lead her to live more liturgically
  • Why the saints are such a great part of our faith
  • Ideas for celebrating the feast days of saints
  • Lisa's favorite saints
  • How the diary of St. Faustina has been bringing her closer to God

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