Being a Young Catholic Professional ft. Jennifer Baugh

Y'all, today's episode is one you won't want to miss! 

You know what conversation I’m tired of? The are-Catholic-women-allowed-to-work-outside-the-home one. I explain why in today’s conversation with Jennifer Baugh, the founder of Young Catholic Professionals. Jennifer has amazing insight on being a working Catholic woman, how being a woman has helped her to flourish as a leader, and how to let a love of Christ permeate everything you do. We also chat about why we still need to have the above-mentioned conversation and talk about if it REALLY matters what some rando blogger thinks about your life choices (spoiler alert: nope! 😉) Her dedication to the Rosary inspires the heck out of me and I’m head over heels in love with her passion for the Catholic faith. Whether you work outside the home or your work is your kids/studies/convent, I hope you’ll enjoy my chat with Jennifer!

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Topics discussed:

  • Why Jennifer decided to pursue an MBA
  • How she founded Young Catholic Professionals
  • The purpose of YCP
  • Why we're over talking about "women in the workplace"
  • How to evangelize in a secular workplace
  • How the Rosary is bringing her closer to God

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