Women's Healthcare and Natural Family Planning ft. Leah Jacobson

OK, honesty time: I had no idea what Natural Family Planning was until college. Even then, I thought it was just a way for super Jesus-y people to use birth control. But ever since I became familiar with the Creighton Model, I've felt SO empowered and educated. 

There's a narrative going around right now that women's healthcare = Planned Parenthood, abortion, and birth control. But that narrative hurts young girls, puts unrealistic expectations on their beauty, and stifles the very natural process of ovulation. If you're thinking "huh?", then this episode is perfect for you. We go deep into why Leah started Guiding Star Centers, which are non-profit health centers for women, and how Guiding Star is working to change the narrative around women's fertility and healthcare. 

This episode is NOT just for married couples. It's for any woman who wants to know a little more about her body. We're not handing you a pill that will free your face of acne and get rid of your cramps. What we're handing you is education--about what your body does, what God thinks about it, and how to live out His plan for your fertility in a natural, God-honoring way. 

Topics discussed:

  • Why Leah felt moved to launch Guiding Star
  • How hormonal birth control is used to put unrealistic beauty expectations on young girls
  • What Natural Family Planning is and how it differs from hormonal birth control 
  • How Guiding Star is working to change the narrative of women's healthcare
  • What to say to someone facing a crisis pregnancy
  • The value of spiritual direction

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