How Creating Art Can Bring Us Closer to God ft. Audrey Assad

Audrey Assad is an award-winning Catholic singer/songwriter. Her latest album, Inheritance (Deluxe Edition), is a collection of classic hymns sung in a new-feeling way. She's also one of my all-time favorite artists; her song Good To Me was sung during my wedding and I play her newest album while I'm praying every morning. Getting to speak with her was an absolute honor, and I hope you enjoy our convo!

Topics discussed:

  • How a group of guys in a coffee shop helped Audrey become Catholic 
  • How she became one of the best-known Christian music artists 
  • Why she recently switched from songwriting to re-designing classic hymns for her latest album, Inheritance
  • Why her songs tend to be a bit darker and more emotional than what's typically heard on good ole KLOVE
  • How her specific temperament and attempts to "live small" are difficult with her on-the-road lifestyle
  • Why the plight of Syrian refugees is near-and-dear to her heart and why she thinks so many Christians reject their Arab histories

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Disclaimer: This post contains Amazon affiliate links and I received a copy of Inheritance for free. But if you don't think I'm actually an Audrey Assad fan, scroll back on my Facebook feed for 80 thousand posted songs or watch my wedding video.