Healing From Disordered Eating By The Grace of God ft. Megan McDermott

Have you ever had a great day with friends, laughing and remembering and just being, and then you snap a photo? And then you get home, pull up your phone to post it to Instagram, and think...

I have way fatter arms than my friends and no Instagram filter can possibly fix 'em. DELETE. 

Or on a more serious note, have you ever found yourself stressing out at a restaurant over why they didn't put the calorie counts on the menus? Or wondering if you'll look super weird if you order your burger without a bun? Have you ever over-exercised because the one thing you felt like you could control was the number on the scale? Have you ever felt like maybe this obsession was becoming a little more serious than you'd previously thought? 

Today, I'm talking to my friend Megan about her history with eating disorders and how she sought healing after her experience with them. Whether you have a full-blown ED or you just wish you spent less time criticizing your body, Megan's vulnerable, beautiful story will inspire you to kick Satan in the butt and overcome any disordered eating habits that may be plaguing you. 

(If you're looking for Megan Gilbert from CRS's show notes, please click here.) 

Topics discussed:

  • How going from small-town girl to a Big 10 school affected Megan's view of herself
  • How the pressure to succeed and stand out can instead start to suffocate
  • How the sacraments can help heal us
  • Why Jesus sometimes delays healing instead of healing right away  
  • The importance of the Eucharist
  • What to do if you feel like you're a slave to bad food habits

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