Hey, you. Come here. Sit down. I'll scooch over. 

Here's some coffee; I brought a thermos. Let me tell you something. 

I know you're tired. I know you're wondering where you fit. Why these people think you're too church-y and these people think you're a scandalous sinner because you have leggings on. I know if one more person says "modest is hottest" you will literally punch them in the face in a very un-ladylike fashion. 

I know you're tired of women's talks where they remind you playfully that being a wife is your highest calling, and make too many jokes about clothes. Clothes? Really? People are dying, but sure, let's pretend I have any idea what gauchos are. I know you're tired of feminists telling you you can't march, can't write, can't stand next to them in solidarity. Who mock your beliefs in witty think pieces and memes. They don't want you, either. Nobody does.

(God does. I do.) 

That's why I started this podcast. I was--am--tired; tired of people saying there wasn't room for me. I am so bone-dead tired of it all.

I want to wrestle hard truths with women who are seeking the true, good, and beautiful. I want to sit in the discomfort of tough questions and wrestle with wisdom. I want to scream to the sky that there is room for you, and me, and all of us, here. 

Here's some coffee--sit and stay a while.

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Plug in your earbuds + binge-listen. 

People are saying:

"I've been enjoying your episodes - the stories, wisdom, and great examples from amazing Catholic women truly do inform me, inspire me, and help me to be intentional as I strive to be a disciple and make disciples where I live!"

"It keeps me motivated when I'm doing a long session of dishes and it is such an uplifting way to pass the time instead of streaming Netflix."

"I've often been fed up with secular feminists and never wanted to consider myself one. After listening to your podcast, I totally feel differently. I agree with you, let's own this word! Thanks for bringing me closer to God."


Meet your hostess/founder: 


Hi! I'm Claire. I'm a writer living in the Milwaukee burbs with my Polish husband and wiggly baby. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!) in 2013 and spent two years as a missionary with FOCUS inviting college women into a relationship with Jesus before moving back home to the northern tundra.

Now, I spend my days writing + podcasting. As a copywriter, I help business owners tell their story with clear, concise wording that tells people who they are and what they do. I was featured on the She Creates Business and Strategy Hour podcasts as an expert on all things written word. I'm also a freelance journalist with bylines in The Washington Post, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Mom.Me, Woman Getting Married, Veil, Bridal Guide, Bride & Groom, Redbook, Vox, Fusion, and a whole bunch more.

In 2017 I launched the podcast on International Women's Day. I was tired of arguing over spaghetti straps instead of dealing with the real issues women face in the Church and the world at large. I've also been featured as an expert on all things Catholic Feminism on Catching Foxes, How-to Catholic, The Jennifer Fulwiler Show, Girlfriends with Danielle Bean, The Catholic Hipster Show, and Pantsuit Politics. I've also spoken at local parishes and events on why Jesus was a feminist and how to evangelize in the every day. (To learn more about bringing me to your event, click here.) 

I eat a lot of burrito bowls, spend way too much time on Instagram, and cry over Humans Of New York posts. Sometimes I dance to Beyonce to make my son laugh. Sometimes I convince my husband to go on shopping sprees for clothes to donate to undocumented immigrants. I pray a lot, and I'm still figuring it all out. Wanna join? 

meet your community manager:

Lauren is an IPA drinker, a Badger alum, and the person who helps our online community thrive. Currently living in Wisconsin, Lauren is my right-hand girl for all things Catholic feminism.

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