I'm available for a very limited amount of speaking engagements each year. As a speaker, my goal is to engage your audience with compelling storytelling and knowledge rooted in Catholic teaching. I'm so honored to be considered for your event, but due to family and time constraints, the chances I can make it to your event are much, much higher if you're in Wisconsin or the Midwest area.

For availability + pricing, please reach out on the Contact page.

Here are some topics I can speak on for your catechism class, retreat, Theology on Tap event, etc.: 

Was Jesus a feminist?

Jesus is the Son of God, the founder of our Chuch, and the source and summit of our lives. But He was also a feminist. To understand how Jesus wanted women to be treated, you need to look no further than the Gospels. In this talk, I break down a few Gospel stories that demonstrate Jesus' love and care for women, and what they mean for our femininity today. 

Everyday Evangelization

The word "evangelization" totally freaks people out today. But evangelization doesn't need to be a scary mountain to climb. In this talk, I explain the Great Commission, give some practical evangelization tactics, and make sharing the faith seem as simple as it truly is.