Making Birth a Spiritual Experience ft. Tori Pohl


As an expecting mama, it was such a treat to speak with doula Tori Pohl on making birth a more spiritual experience. Tori walks me through what a doula is, what it isn’t, and how her faith influenced her decision to become a “servant” during birth. I also love how she ties in a little Theology of the Body with how birth can help us grow closer to God. Whether or not you’re a biological mama, this episode is all about how this amazing feat a woman’s body can accomplish was designed by the Lord and can help bring us closer to Him. So whether you’re single, a homebirther, an adoptive mama, or someone who’s birth plan is one word long: EPIDURAL (hi 👋🏻), I think it will bring you value.

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Topics discussed:

  • How Tori transitioned from a dance therapist to a doula
  • Why she decided to pursue becoming a doula
  • What doulas are and what they aren't
  • Why knowing about our bodies is so important to our faith
  • Some practical tips and tricks for making birth more spiritual
  • How a recent trip to NYC brought her closer to God

We mentioned: 

  • The Business of Being Born (I feel compelled to reiterate that I don't see eye-to-eye with this documentary for many reasons, but I do know some people have found value from it. I encourage every woman to do her own research before deciding a method of birth that's best for her. Methods of birth are not moral issues.)
  • This image of Mary and Eve

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