Escaping Burnout + Discerning Vocations ft. Sr. Marcia Hall


You know when you hear God’s voice whisper to you, and you’re like…no. Wrong girl. Thanks, but no thanks. Today’s guest sure does. When Sr. Marcia Hall was trying to figure out what direction to take her life, the thought of joining the Oblate Sisters of Providence was the last thing on her mind. But she eventually gave God her own fiat and joined the Oblate Sisters, which was the first religious order created for Black women. The order was founded in 1828 by 2 women who heard a call to religious life but were rejected by other religious orders due to our American Church’s shamefully racist past. Now, Sr. Marcia is on the show to walk us through dealing with compassion burnout, having holy boundaries, and discerning our vocations. I loved learning more about the Oblate sisters, how a religious sister can practice self-care, and Sr. Marcia’s tips for listening to your OWN call. Enjoy!

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Topics discussed:

  • How Sr. Marcia discerned a religious calling

  • The purpose/mission of the Oblate Sisters

  • The history of the Oblate Sisters

  • How she as a religious sister practices self-care and avoids burnout

  • Her tips for vocational discernment

  • What’s been bringing Sr. Marcia closer to God

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