Embracing a Spirit of Solidarity ft. Shannon Evans


As I’ve said on the show many times before, Dorothy Day is a huge inspiration of mine + was one of the catalysts that caused me to start this podcast. That’s one of the reasons I was so excited to have Shannon Evans on the show to talk about her experience working in Catholic Worker houses, a movement that was founded by Dorothy Day. But Shannon and I also dive deep into adoption, embracing our weaknesses, and what it means to truly operate as part of the larger body of Christ. Also, I loved her insight on her shifting view of “doing ministry”, specifically in the context of my own life. I share with her what I feel like God’s been saying to me lately and how it’s leaving me struggling to understand which direction He wants me to walk in. Overall, it was such a joy to chat with Shannon and I hope you enjoy our chat!

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Topics discussed:

  • What social justice means to Shannon

  • Why she and her husband decided to live in a Catholic Worker house

  • How to live a spirit of solidarity and connectedness

  • Her new book on embracing our weaknesses

  • What she wishes she had known when she decided to adopt

  • What’s been bringing her closer to God

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