Eschewing Gender Stereotypes and Embracing Complementarianism ft. Shannon Ochoa

This week, I'm speaking with Shannon Ochoa, the mission leader of Brew City Catholic and the co-founder of the Eden Invitation. Shannon and I chat about Edith Stein, aka St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, and how her writings on gender influenced Shannon's outlook on womanhood. In a world where half the people tell you women belong in the kitchen and the other half tell you there are zero differences between men and women besides anatomy, Shannon provides a refreshing outlook on gender roles, a woman's "place", and what it means to be female. Enjoy! 

Topics discussed:

  • Why Shannon embarked on an adventure in campus ministry
  • Who Edith Stein was and what she believed
  • What complimentarianism is and how it challenges society's current outlook on gender
  • How to be a "woman" if you don't fit in the "meek and mild" category
  • Why gender stereotypes are stupid, outdated, and hurtful
  • How rape culture has affected our humanity as women
  • The unique differences between men and women

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