Living Out Our Belovedness ft. Sarah Kroger


IT’S SEASON 3! 🎙 We’re BACK with another round of women to inspire you, inform you, + help you lead a more intentional life. Our season 3 premiere guest is no exception. I saw Sarah Kroger leading worship at SEEK and knew I had to have her on the show. Sarah is a singer and songwriter (Audrey Assad produced her new album…heard of her? 😂) with a heart for Jesus. We talk about how her music has been inspired by Henri Nouwen, how her history with mental health has been integrated into her music, and how she balances focusing on the craft of music with having a prayer experience while performing. Also, her answer for what’s bringing her closer to God lately might surprise you! Whether you’re a well-known musician or, uh, deeply musically challenged (…hi 🙋🏼‍♀️), I hope this episode serves you!

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Topics discussed:

  • How Sarah wound up in a career as a singer/songwriter

  • Her latest album and women in music production

  • Living out our belovedness, no matter our season of life

  • Whether or not she gets nervous in front of massive crowds

  • How she balances performing/praying

  • Her favorite worship artists

  • How silence is bringing her closer to God

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