Finding Hope Within Human Trafficking ft. Rebekah Lemke


When I was five, the biggest issue I had was that my mom was forcing me to take ballet lessons…and if you know me, you’re probably not surprised to hear it didn’t stick. But hey, at least I wasn’t being sold into slavery.

Yup—a five year old. That’s just one of the stories today’s podcast guest, Rebekah Lemke, has about her work on human trafficking victims. Rebekah recently returned from a trip abroad where she was able to meet with victims up close, learn their stories, and help them move forward. We talk all about the different types of human trafficking, how you as an average person can help victims, and the importance of shopping ethically. 

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Topics discussed:

  • Different types of human trafficking
  • Who is most likely to be trafficked
  • What the life of a slave is like
  • How people are tricked into human trafficking
  • A few different stories of victims and how they've risen above their circumstances
  • Why trafficking is such an important Catholic issue 

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