Emotional and Spiritual Postpartum Care ft. Rebecca Christian

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We often talk about postpartum care in terms of nursing or sleep deprivation…but what about the spiritual and emotional side of things? Today’s chat is with Rebecca Christian of Fiat Doula Services. Rebecca is walking us through why she decided to transition from screenwriting to doula services, why she focuses her practice on postpartum care, and what moms who are struggling in the postpartum stage of life can do to begin to feel like themselves again. We also talk about how silence has been bringing her closer to God (I feel like so many of our guests say this!) and Rebecca generously provided our listeners with a list of Catholic birth affirmations! Make sure to get your hands on those and send them to a friend who will be giving birth soon. Enjoy!

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Snag some Catholic birth affirmations!

Rebecca wrote these Catholic birth affirmations to help you succeed in childbirth.

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    Topics discussed:

    • How Rebecca fell more in love with her faith

    • Why she began doula work

    • Her heart for postpartum care

    • Why women struggle with their identity and spirituality after giving birth

    • Her advice for women who are struggling in the postpartum trenches

    • What’s been bringing her closer to God lately

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