Race, Politics, and Being an Ally ft. Nnenda Chinda

Today on the podcast we’re speaking with Nnenda Chinda, a recent college grad living in the UK! Nnenda and I connected over Instagram and I knew I had to have her on the show. We talk all about the recent NFL anthem boycotts—her opinion might surprise you—as well as why she doesn’t think talking about “race” is getting political. I loved what she had to say about the differences between being Catholic in Nigeria vs. being Catholic in England, and she offered some great insight over how white women can be allies to our black Catholic sisters. We also talk about how we’re both so over the Catholic “teams”. Enjoy!

Topics discussed:

  • Why being Catholic was easier in Nigeria than the UK
  • How the Catholic response to race issues has frustrated Nnenda
  • Whether or not talking about race is talking about politics
  • What she thinks of the NFL protests
  • How over the Catholic "teams" we are
  • How a Bible app is bringing Nnenda closer to God