Life With Mother Teresa and Doing Small Things With Great Love ft. Mother Mary Catherine

You all KNOW how much I love St. Teresa of Calcutta. Today, I’m honored to share a conversation with a sister who worked with Mama T for years. Mother Mary Catherine, the founder of the Missionaries of the Word, was a Missionary of Charity before an illness sent her home. Her firsthand stories of Mother Teresa’s kindness, humor, and generosity will make your day. We also talk about the idea of going “all in” with Jesus and Mother Mary Catherine shares her best tips for vocational discernment. This episode is perfect for anyone considering the religious life or struggling with letting God have her whole heart. Enjoy!

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Topics discussed:

  • Why Mother Mary Catherine felt drawn to the religious life 
  • The struggles of giving up our own dreams and saying yes to God
  • What it was like to work with Mother Teresa 
  • How Mother Teresa did "small things with great love"
  • Why Mother Mary Catherine left the MCs and began the Missionaries of the Word
  • Tips for vocational discernment

We mentioned: 

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