The Current State of Abortion Law ft. Morgan Korth

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“I work full-time in the pro-life movement, and even I’ve been getting whiplash.” That’s what today’s guest, Morgan Korth from WeDignify, told me. I couldn’t agree more. Every day, a new state is in the news for its newly passed abortion law. Today, Morgan is helping us break down the current state of abortion law in the US. We also talk about whether or not overturning Roe is really ENOUGH. I love Morgan’s wisdom on engaging civically vs. disconnecting to contemplate + her passion for TRULY ending abortion, not just creating pro-life laws.

My heart aches for the women facing a pregnancy that feels insurmountable during this season of life. I want nothing more than to make our world a place where mothers—mothers who raise their kids themselves, or mothers who birth them before working together with adoptive parents to give that child the best possible circumstances—can flourish.

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Topics discussed:

  • The current state of abortion law in the US

  • Why abortion law is so front and center right now

  • How we can REALLY end abortions, not just focus on pro-life law

  • How to vote when you hate every politician ever…

  • What’s been bringing Morgan closer to God

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