Singleness and Wrestling with God's Timing ft. Marissa Mullins


This week on the podcast, we're chatting with my dear friend Marissa all about being single when you know you're called to marriage. When God makes us wait on our vocation, it can be incredibly trying, but Marissa speaks with grace and holiness as she talks about how to thrive in the season of singleness, how to gain a greater respect for the Lord's timing, and how married women can love their single sisters a little better. 

Topics discussed:

  • Marissa's career as a nurse
  • How Marissa is wrestling with singleness and not being in her vocation
  • The importance of trying to thrive in the season you're in
  • What married people should/shouldn't say to single friends
  • Why so many Catholics are called to the medical field (hint: prayer makes you smarter!)
  • How her nephews have been bringing her closer to God lately

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