How To Talk About Politics On Social Media Without Losing Your Friends Or Your Soul

Jenny Uebbing joined us to talk about why she stopped having political arguments online. She writes on her blog: "I’ve been assiduously avoiding engaging in any overtly political discourse with strangers or friends via social media. It is not helpful. It does not bring me joy. It does not cultivate depth or growth between myself and those digital friends with whom I am in true relationship. I am watching the news with one eye, checking headlines every day or so, but not consuming piece after piece dictating to me what I should think about what is going on in the world and in our country right now." I absolutely love her blog so it was really exciting to get to chat with her and share a bit of her story.

Topics discussed:

  • Why Jenny decided to stop talking about politics online
  • Whether or not she thinks Catholics should engage in digital political discourse
  • Why she calls herself a "digital missionary"
  • The upside of social media
  • Tips for talking to your real neighbors about Jesus instead of only the ones on your e-block

We mentioned: 

  • This blogpost on being a dog mom

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