Healing as a Church From the Sexual Abuse Scandals ft. Maggi Van Dorn


“If only Catholic priests would get married, sexual abuse wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Everyone else abuses kids, too. It’s not just Catholics.”

“After the Dallas Charter, there’s practically NO sexual abuse by Catholic priests.”

“Stop focusing on the BAD priests and start focusing on the GOOD ones.”

If the above statements make you 🙄🤢😬😡, today’s episode is for you. Maggi Van Dorn is the host of Deliver Us, a podcast that covers the history of the Church sexual abuse scandals and how we got to where we are today. Maggi and I talk all about whether or not the Church is STILL covering up predator priests, where we go from here, and whether or not true healing is possible. This topic is discussed with grace but may not be appropriate for little ears—grab your headphones. As so many of you know, the sexual abuse crisis is something that has really shaken my faith and it was a true pleasure to speak with someone who is so knowledgeable, calm, and passionate about the topic.

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Topics discussed:

  • Why Maggi launched a podcast about the recent sexual abuse scandals

  • How she keeps her faith when dealing with such heavy, difficult topics

  • Is the Catholic Church still protecting predator priests?

  • How NOT to listen to victims of sexual abuse

  • When we as a Church will have done “enough”

  • What’s been bringing her closer to God lately

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