Dating With Dignity In Our Modern Culture ft. Lisa Cotter

Today, I'm grilling speaker and writer Lisa Cotter on all things dating. We also talk about how Lisa met her husband, her ministry Made to Magnify, and her newest book, Dating Detox. 

Y'all, dating is a stressful thing for a Catholic feminist to talk about. On the one hand, vocation is extremely important. Our vocations help us get to Heaven and the relationship between you and your spouse is supposed to resemble that of Christ and His Church. But on the other hand, it can be really hard to hear that when you're trying to climb the corporate ladder, not waste your time with guys who think buying you a tequila shot is the most romantic thing they can do, and not live in the future when you could be embracing the now. It was so refreshing to speak with Lisa, an amazing Catholic feminist, on how important it is to prayerfully discern the relationships in your life. 

Topics discussed:

  • Lisa's ministry, Made to Magnify
  • If there's a "one" out there waiting for you
  • If evangedating is worth the risk (here's the blogpost she mentioned!)
  • If you'll just "know" when you meet the right guy
  • The importance of prayerful discernment 
  • What a dating detox is and how to pursue one 
  • Lisa's newest book
  • How Lent made an impact in Lisa's life this year

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