Exploring Local Activism ft. Lauren Roach


Is there an issue that just sets your heart on fire, but you have no idea how to get started on making an impact about it? Today we're talking to Lauren Roach, a Milwaukee activist (and the Community Manager for the CFP!) Lauren is tirelessly fighting to get pornography declared a public health crisis in Wisconsin, and she's here to chat with us about how she put a passion into ACTION, as well as some pornography statistics you may be unfamiliar with (like the link between human trafficking and porn). Lauren also talks about finding community as a young Catholic and what question has been bringing her closer to God lately. This episode is perfect for any young woman feeling inspired to move the needle on a global issue but also feeling unaware of what step to take next. I know you'll be just as fired up as I was after listening to our conversation!

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Topics discussed:

  • How Lauren found community as a young single Catholic woman

  • Discerning the “next step” when you aren’t sure what to do next

  • Why she’s so passionate about the anti-pornography movement

  • Her best 2 tips for getting started as a local activist

  • What’s been bringing her closer to God lately

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