Valuing the Sacrament of Marriage in a Pinterest-Perfect Wedding ft. Jiza Zito

As a part-time wedding writer, I absolutely love weddings. But can a real feminist be into the pink, sparkly affairs? Can they stress out about things like doughnuts vs. cupcakes? Can they spend hours pouring over bridesmaids dresses?! 

Heck yes. 

Today I'm talking to Jiza Zito, the co-founder of Catholic wedding resource Spoken Bride. Whether you're single, engaged, or married, this conversation is a fun one. So pour a cup of coffee, pretend it's champagne, and have a listen!

Topics discussed:

  • How Jiza's work at Theology of the Body Institute taught her the importance of loving herself before entering into a marriage
  • How Spoken Bride came to be 
  • How to plan your wedding in a God-honoring way 
  • Tips for newly engaged women
  • Whether or not real feminists can love stereotypically "girly" things like weddings and party favors
  • Why millennials are choosing to get married later and later

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