Advocating for Victims of Domestic Violence ft. Jessica Woolbright


Imagine that your spouse didn't allow you to have a job. Or allowed to have three...but not have any say in how money is spent. Or took your cell phone away. Or discouraged you from seeing friends. Or punched you in the face. Or threatened to take your kids away from you. 

Imagine not knowing what your kids were going to eat the next day. 

This is sadly the reality for many, many women in America. That's why I'm so grateful that places like St. Martha's hall exist. Today's guest, Jessica Woolbright from St. Martha's, walks us through what domestic violence is and how we can advocate for victims. I also love her insight on being a Catholic feminist, the impact Mary has had on her life, and her down-to-earth answer about why women "don't just leave". This was such a powerful conversation and I think it's the perfect fit for a day that Americans are celebrating freedom from oppressors. 

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Topics discussed:

  • How Jessica got involved with Saint Martha's
  • Different types of domestic violence
  • Why the shelter is named for Saint Martha
  • Some common misconceptions about domestic violence
  • Why women "don't just leave"
  • What you can do to help women in need

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