Title IX and Victim Advocacy ft. Jenne O'Neill


After our #MeToo episode aired, a representative from the Christendom Advocacy and Support Coalition reached out to do a follow-up episode. Jenne O’Neill breaks down what Title IX is, wha the CASC is doing to try and bring it to life at Christendom, and why it’s important to never think you’re “safe from evil” in a Catholic bubble. Jenne was incredibly vulnerable and honest and it was a joy to have her on the show. This episode is perfect for anyone who’s wondering how they can move the needle and advocate for sexual assault victims. Enjoy! 

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Topics discussed:

  • Why Jenne got involved with the Christendom Advocacy and Support Coalition
  • What Title IX is and why the CASC believes Christendom should implement it
  • What the culture on Christendom is like when it comes to the "Catholic bubble" 
  • What type of responses the CASC has received
  • How you can get involved with CASC and victim advocacy 

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