How Women Can And Should Utilize Leadership Skills ft. Jane Voelker


You know that verse in Paul's letter to Timothy when he says women shouldn't have authority over a man? You kind of shudder, skip over it, and then think to yourself, Well, I mean, he could be wrong. He's not Jesus. But it always kind of sticks in your head and wigs you out. And then you hear that Eve was made to be the helper, and you start to really question whether or not women can be leaders. 

Do y'all want to hear the story of what happened when a man told me I needed to "read the bible" because I thought that women could lead men in a workplace setting? Then today's episode is for you. 

I'm speaking with Jane Voelker, a Director of Collegiate Outreach with FOCUS. Jane oversees over 20 people, loves reading management books, and is honestly an all-around #boss. We talk about all of these tricky topics and more. Women absolutely can be leaders, and it's even in line with the Bible. (So there, jerk.) (I'm over it.) (Kind of.) 

Topics discussed:

  • How Jane's idea of what a "leader" is has changed with experience
  • Why she decided to apply for a leadership role within her office
  • If Paul really does say that women shouldn't lead men 
  • Why Eve being created to be a "helpmate" or "servant" is actually totally awesome
  • How men and women's leadership styles can differ
  • Why women make great leaders
  • How you can hone in your leadership skills and snag that big promotion

We mentioned: 


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