Race and the Catholic Church ft. Gloria Purvis



When I watched the coverage of Charlottesville this summer, part of me couldn’t believe it…but part of me totally could. I know that as a white chick living in the burbs, I don’t really confront racism in my everyday life, so I knew I had to have Gloria Purvis on to talk about her experience being a black woman in the Catholic Church. Gloria offers amazing insight on what Catholics can do to love their WOC sisters a little more, and I absolutely loved chatting with her. In the past couple of months, I’ve read two books—The Song and the Silence and The New Jim Crow—that have educated me quite a bit on the history of race in America and its impact on the world today. Talking to someone as educated and passionate as Gloria was just the cherry on top of the sundae. If you feel outraged about the racism plaguing in our country but, um, have no idea what to do because most of your life is lived surrounded by other white people…tune in.

Topics discussed:

  • The difference between Catholic feminism and secular feminism
  • What went through Gloria's head when she saw the events in Charlottesville
  • What "white privilege" actually means 
  • How we as white women can love our WOC in the Church a little more
  • Challenges that Gloria specifically faces within the Church 

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