Healing Our Broken and Blessed Church ft. Father Josh Johnson

I never thought I’d talk to a priest about sex scandals, periods, and Taylor Swift, but here we are.

Today is our first PRIEST INTERVIEW! I’m so excited to be chatting with Father Josh Johnson, a priest in the diocese of Baton Rouge. Father Josh is a podcaster and the author of the new book Broken & Blessed. I really wanted to hear a priest’s perspective on how the priesthood can minister to women when its entirely made up of men. We also talked about the recent horrific scandals within the Church and how they’ve impacted him as a priest.

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Topics discussed:

  • How Father Josh met Jesus

  • How the recent scandals are affecting him as a priest

  • How he’s able to minister to women as a man

  • What he wishes more laypeople understood about the priesthood

We mentioned: 

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