Artists as Apostles of Beauty ft. Fabiola Garza


Maybe you have a semi-crazy dream, like being on Oprah, writing a book, or starting a non-profit that changes the world. But it can seem pretty impossible. I hope this episode gives you the confidence of our guest when she wrote in her childhood journal that she wanted to work at Disney. 

Today's podcast guest, Fabiola Garza, is an artist with Disney Creative Group. It was such a joy to chat with her about having big dreams, a creative career, and how her art has made her more contemplative and brought her closer to God. I particularly love her insight on what it's like to be a female artist in an industry that's often dominated by men. Pope Francis has said that artists are the apostles of beauty, and Fabiola demonstrates that sentiment perfectly. I hope you enjoy our chat!

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Topics discussed:

  • How Fabiola went from RISD to Florida
  • Why she always wanted to work for Disney
  • How Fabiola lives out her faith in the secular art world
  • The constant conversation artists have with God
  • Why she decided to write a children's book and how she got it published
  • How she views being an artist as feminist
  • What she wishes people knew about artists
  • How her local parish is bringing her closer to God

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