Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and Engaging in Popular Culture ft. Erica Johnson

Today on the podcast I’m chatting with Erica Johnson, a writer, photographer, and professional Fangirl. After reading a blogpost on why Catholics shouldn’t read Harry Potter, I wanted to have a lighthearted episode on why Catholics should engage with pop culture and what things like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and particularly Wonder Woman can teach us about Jesus and feminism. Erica also talked about sexism within the “nerd” industry and how to be who you truly are in a world that tries to push us into boxes. 

Topics discussed:

  • When Erica first fell in love with nerd culture
  • "Sassy Mary" and different personality types within the Church
  • Christian themes in Harry Potter and Star Wars
  • Why Catholics should engage in popular culture
  • Resonating with Wonder Woman on a spiritual level
  • Sexism within nerd culture
  • What Erica's reading now
  • How Natural Family Planning is bringing Erica closer to God

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