Postpartum Rights in the Workplace ft. Emily Kearney


Being a working mom can have plenty of “bumps” in the road (…see what I did there?) but your postpartum rights shouldn’t be one of them. I absolutely loved chatting with attorney Emily Kearney on today’s show! Emily has experience in postpartum rights in the workplace and speaking with her about our rights if we’re returning to a secular workplace post-childbirth was fascinating. We also talked about her work in the area of broader disability rights, why she feels we’re so indifferent about ableist discrimination, and why these are pro-life issues. This episode is a total powerhouse of legal, empowering goodness—enjoy!

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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Rights Handout

Emilly has SO generously provided us a quick handout on our pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum rights in the workplace. Snag it here!

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    Topics discussed:

    • Where Emily’s passion for disability rights came from

    • What our rights are when returning to the workplace after giving birth

    • The “visibility” problem in disability rights

    • How to help our sisters in a secular, man-oriented workplace

    • What’s been bringing Emily closer to God

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