Being Biblical Businesswomen ft. Emma Moran + Elise Gallagher


Today on the show we’re chatting with Elise + Emma, the founders of the Catholic Women in Business Foundation. If you’ve ever dreamed of launching your own business, Elise + Emma’s group helps provide you the tools to be successful. We talk about everything from garbage business advice we’ve received to why Catholic women desperately crave community. I LOVE Elise’s story of how she got confirmation from the Lord that he wanted her to start this endeavor, and I know you will too!

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Topics discussed:

  • Why Elise + Emma decided to start the Catholic Women in Business Foundation

  • What modern business trends drive them crazy

  • Business books that have made a difference in their lives

  • Their advice for women looking to become entrepreneurs

  • How to use your secular business to evangelize

  • What’s been bringing them closer to God

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