Listening to the Old Testament and Raising Feminist Daughters ft. Danielle Bean


Today is Ash Wednesday. As we dive into the 40 days before Christ’s death and resurrection, you may have incorporated Bible reading into your Lenten journey. But lets be honest…how many of us try and tiptoe around the Old Testament? That half of the Bible can seem crazy, confusing, and straight up overwhelming. But today’s podcast guest, author Danielle Bean, believes there are strong connections to be drawn between the women of the Old Testament and the #MeToo movement. I loved chatting with Danielle about which women in Bible have influenced her the most, how her family incorporates Bible time, and how she lets the women of Scripture influence the way she raises her daughters as feminists. If you’re super hungry and need something to keep your mind off your rumbling stomach, enjoy!

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Topics discussed:

  • When Danielle began to identify as a feminist

  • How Bathsheba relates to the #MeToo movement

  • Danielle’s passion for the Book of Judith

  • How her family incorporates Bible time

  • Her favorite resources for engaging with the Old Testament

  • Her practical tips for bringing her kids more into a feminist mindset

  • What’s been bringing her closer to God

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