Overcoming Spiritual Perfectionism ft. Colleen Carroll Campbell


You know that sinking feeling you get when you realize you haven’t been to Confession in 6 months, or when your friend casually mentions she hit up daily Mass with her three kids, or when you struggle to fit five minutes of prayer into your day? That I-suck-I’m-lukewarm-God-thinks-I’m-lazy feeling? That’s spiritual perfectionism, and it’s not of the Spirit. Today’s guest, Colleen Carroll Campbell, is something of an expert on this topic. A mom, former presidential speechwriter, and Catholic speaker, Colleen’s new book The Heart of Perfection reminds us why we should trade in our view of “perfect” for God’s. We chat about which saints inspired her, the importance of cultivating joy in our lives, and how to check ourselves and make sure we aren’t being Pharisees. Colleen is truly one of my favorite authors so it was an honor to have her on the show! Enjoy.

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Topics discussed:

  • How Colleen wound up as a speechwriter for George W. Bush

  • Her struggles with perfectionism

  • How a liturgically incorrect moment made an impact on her faith

  • The importance of keeping joy imbedded in our faith lives

  • What’s been bringing her closer to God lately

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