Therapy, Waiting, and Sharing Yourself Online ft. Christina Dehan Jaloway


Sometimes when I’m sharing online, I stop and wonder how much is too much. There have been times when I’m scrolling through a newsfeed and I think “dang, girl, that does not need to be blasted on the Internet!” But at the same time, do we have a responsibility to keep it real and show that life isn’t all sunshine and roses?! I love what today’s podcast guest has to say about the “line” when it comes to sharing ourselves online. Christina Jaloway is a blogger, writer, wife, and mama, and I absolutely loved having her on the show. We also talk about therapy, mental health, and how to embrace seasons of waiting. 

Topics discussed:

  • Why Christina began her blog
  • The benefits of getting married later in life 
  • Why she decided to take the leap and start going to therapy
  • Whether or not you have to see a Catholic therapist
  • When “waiting is the cross” 
  • How Christina knows what to share online vs. what to keep to herself


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