Are You a Liberal or Conservative Catholic? ft. Ashley McKinless


Today on the podcast we’re chatting with Ashley McKinless, an editor at America Magazine and the host of the podcast Jesuitical. Ashley and I chat all about how she got started at America and what she thinks about the “great divide” in Catholics right now. Let’s be real—when people say “Jesuits”, a lot of Catholics have opinions that are simply untrue. It was fun clearing it all up with Ashley and learning why Jesuits are a treasured part of our Catholic faith! As an added bonus, I also threw my interview on Jesuitical onto the podcast feed for easy listening.  (PS—Happy All Saints Day! All Saints in Heaven, pray for us!)

Today's episode was sponsored by Kindara, a fertility awareness app that helps women learn more about their bodies and avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally. 

Topics discussed:

  • How Ashley grew closer to the Lord in college
  • How she wound up at America Magazine
  • What the Jesuits are and how they were founded
  • Why she started the podcast Jesuitical
  • Why she doesn't believe in the labels "liberal" or "conservative" Catholic
  • How America Magazine handles nasty Internet comments

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