Growing Closer to God Through Grief ft. Ashleigh Murtha


Have you ever had to confront God about a seemingly insurmountable tragedy? Today’s podcast guest, graduate student Ashleigh Murtha, is speaking with us about how her faith was shaken after the death of her father. Grief is a powerful, individualized process, but Ashleigh speaks beautifully about how she grew closer to God after going through something so difficult. 

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Topics discussed:

  • Ashleigh's passion for disability rights
  • Ashleigh's father's struggle with cancer and passing
  • How difficult it was to not understand what God's plan was
  • How her grief led her to go on a retreat that brought her closer to the Lord
  • The importance of the Eucharist in her life
  • Ashleigh's advice for anyone going through an intense grief process

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