Female Theologians and Making Space for Women ft. Amy O'Connell


Let’s get real: in a world full of Buzzfeed quizzes about which type of potato you are, it can feel like most of the content we’re consuming is just…Fruity Pebbles. A sugary cereal that looks fun, tastes marvelously mediocre, and makes us regret it the second the last bite is in our mouths. That’s why Amy O’Connell decided to launch Ever Eden, a literary journal by and for Catholics. Amy and I are chatting about why she decided to get her Master’s in Theology, why she created something that could be enjoyed by men and women alike, and the importance of consuming great art in the land of clickbait culture. Enjoy!

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    Topics discussed:

    • Why Amy grew up being ashamed to be a girl

    • What lead her to the decision to study theology

    • Where she got the idea of Ever Eden

    • Why she purposely made Ever Eden to appeal to both men and women

    • If there’s room for a literary journal in “clickbait culture”

    • How Rosary and wine night are bringing her closer to God

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