Juggling Diapers and Disciple Making ft. Amber O'Hearn


Happy almost Mother’s Day! Today on the podcast, we’re chatting with mama and podcast host Amber O’Hearn all about how we as moms can serve God and live out the Great Commission. Amber and I have a wide-ranging discussion about toddler parenting, the struggles of motherhood, and how we can live out our feminism through raising littles. Amber’s podcast, Diapers and Disciples, is a joy to listen to so it was a lot of fun to have her on the other end of the microphone! We also offer a few resources for anyone looking to launch their own podcast.  Enjoy!

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Topics discussed:

  • How Amber's experiences with Jesuit Volunteer Corps and NET Ministries brought her deeper into her faith
  • What podcasts have influenced her
  • Why she decided to launch her own podcast, Diapers and Disciples
  • Tools we use to help run our podcasts and why everyone who wants to should launch one
  • How moms are able to live out the Great Commission and struggles Amber has faced
  • The ways Amber thinks her feminism and motherhood are symbiotic 

We mentioned: 

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