40 Days to a Feminist Faith

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40 Days to a Feminist Faith


Forty Days to a Feminist Faith is a forty-day e-retreat designed to help you understand and embrace the cornerstones of Catholic feminism—and then to send you sailing into the world of evangelization, social justice, and disciple-raising. Because we’re in a battle for truth and beauty and goodness, and it’s time we started claiming the victory for the victory of God. Can I get an Amen?!


Quarter 1: The Dignity of Women

* What the Feminine Genius is

* The history of the word “feminism” and the separate eras

* The differences between secular feminism and Catholic feminism

* How to effectively communicate with secular feminists

* Our biblical mothers who model feminism for us beautifully

* How to discover our personality types to best utilize our own unique gifts

Quarter 2: Becoming Truly Pro-Life People

* The Catholic Church’s view on abortion and why it’s a pro-woman stance

* Why the Catholic Church believes birth control is anti-woman and anti-marriage

* How the epidemic of sex trafficking is silently hurting our world

* To identify systematic poverty in our own neighborhoods and combat it

* Why the death penalty must be abolished

* How to support ethical scientific research that upholds life and why it’s important to do so

Quarter 3: Women at Work

* What the Catholic Church says about women in the workforce and female leadership

* How to uphold the dignity of workers

* The importance of combating sexism and fighting for equal pay

* How to bring your faith into your work without getting fired

* The importance and beauty in choosing not to traditionally work

* How to handle stress and business in an effective, holy way 

Quarter 4: Thriving in Vocations

* What a vocation is and how to discern yours

* The different types of vocations God calls us to

* How to seek peace within your current vocation

* How to react and respond when others don’t understand your choices

* How to live out feminism in any given vocation

* The importance of trusting God with our vocation and some tactical tips and tricks to do so

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