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If you're a company or brand interested in partnering with the Catholic Feminist, we're currently accepting applications for paid sponsorships. Please reach out and I can shoot you information on our audience demographics and rates. The Catholic Feminist only partners with brands that share our values and create a product or service our audience would truly love. 

If you're interested in nominating yourself as a guest, I'd love to chat further. It's extremely helpful if you can let me know what makes you a great fit for our audience and what specific questions you can answer for them. Although I can't respond to every application, I do read, consider, + appreciate every single one. If you're not chosen, it most likely has very little to do with you and more to do with how far we're booked out or how similar your topic is to a different episode. Your story is worth sharing and I encourage you to do so in some capacity if you feel called!

I'm currently on semi-maternity leave until 8/2018. I will be checking my email, but please have grace with my respond time.

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