<--Baby wearing is where it's at. 

My second born? Not a great sleeper. That's why I'm so thankful to have a Boba wrap! Boba wraps are soft, easy-to-use baby carriers that allow you to snuggle your little one while still having your hands free. Perfect for babies age 0-18 months, the Boba wrap is a must-have for mamas everywhere. Click here to check them out today!

Benefits of a Boba: 

  • It's cozy for your little! It's material is incredibly stretchy and breathable. 
  • It's actually affordable, unlike many other fancy-pants wraps out there. 
  • It's super easy to tie. No need to watch 8 million YouTube videos trying to perfect your strategy. 
  • It's adorable and comes in lots of fun colors and patterns. 
  • It evenly distributes the weight of your little so that your back and shoulders aren't screaming for mercy.